Traditional food

Bring to you the traditional foods of Vietnam

Many years of experience

Foods are processed by skilled hands of professional chefs

Perfect service

Always listen to the rigorous evaluation of customers to improve ourselves

It has been 30 years since Thuy Nga Restaurant appeared in Hanoi in 1985. In 1997, Thuy Nga Restaurant was moved from Mai Hac De Street to Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City.

A menu of 200 gourmet dishes such as tomato crab soup, braised gobies, loaches with a bellyful of spawn stewed with pepper, eels, snails, frogs… and seafood like red slipper lobsters, turtles, teals, black coot, red pheasants, king crabs…prepared by skilled chefs who have attached to Thuy Nga Restaurant for many years.

"They say “Eating as in the North, clothing as in the South”. Verily, we are to preserve and develop the ancient and modern cuisine in order that the Northern cuisine is the pride of Hanoi’s people. With many cozy separate rooms, lovable gifts for the anniversaries, birthdays, longevity celebration and a convenient parking lot, we hope our services will make you feel satisfied.

Sincere thanks for your generous kindness over the past years

See you again soon
Receiving smiles when seeing out guests is our inner wishes
Sincere thanks for your generous kindness over the past years
See you again soon with gifts for birthday, longevity celebration services


* Traditional food
* Many years of experiencem
* Perfect service

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